We love to know you're safe out there


ArroWhere Equipment is an apparel and accessories company focusing on road safety for cyclists, runners and others involved in recreational activities both during the day and especially at night.


Why ArroWhere

Our worldwide patent-pending ArroWhere Arrow design can be seen in low beam car headlights at a distance of as much as 1/4 mile from the wearer. Thanks to the ubiquitous message contained in the arrow design, drivers and other road users subconsciously and automatically react to the reflected ArroWhere Arrow as it guides them to move in a direction away from the wearer/user.  As is the case in the many other roadside applications of arrow signage, no driver intends to hit an arrow and, whether he understands that the arrow is worn by a cyclist or not, he will move around such a symbol.


The purpose of the design is to enhance and facilitate wearer/user safety and to avoid accidents by adding directional and high-visibility features to activity-related clothing and associated items. With the increased visibility that this highlighting will provide when the article is worn or used properly, other individuals within a reasonable distance of the wearer will have both an increased awareness of the wearer/user's presence and be provided with tacit advice as to the direction to be taken to avoid contact with the wearer/user. Many cyclists and pedestrians, for example, are injured every year by motorists who do not see them or who do not recognize their presence. When worn correctly, ArroWhere will greatly enhance the visibility of the wearer/user and will provide notice as to the direction motorists or other individuals should take to avoid contact with the wearer/user. 

Current reflective safety clothing relies on non-communicative markings for visibility of the user which in turn creates a situation where the passer first has to determine what is in front of them and then think about how to react. If worn properly, ArroWhere gear virtually speaks to other road users such that the passer subconsciously and automatically reacts to the Design directing him to move over and safely pass the arrow.

Our Promise



Vehicles–In many localities, a person riding a bike is legally declared to be a vehicle and thus bound to the rules of the public road. The average commuter vehicle is fourteen feet long, weighs 1500kg and has large lights at the front and rear to not only help the driver see what is ahead but also allow others to see them.






ArroWhere Equipment specializes in quality, high visibility apparel and accessories that help improve the visibility safety and control users have when sharing the road with cars and larger vehicles or trails with bikes and runners. Our reflective patented/patent-pending directional arrows help notify surrounding traffic (whether people, vehicles or the like) of the wearer’s presence and calmly directs said traffic in the best or safest direction around the wearer. Our arrows can intuitively communicate to a vehicle operator and help tap into their natural tendency to follow directional road queues.




ArroWhere apparel and/or equipment can help speed up a vehicle operator’s reaction time that they may make a decision sooner than what may normally be the case.

ArroWhere Arrows can be seen clearly from up to 1/4 mile away and more, helping give other vehicle operators an ample amount of time to react and avoid the wearer.